As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some changes have been necessary to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Please read the following before booking your session.

Booking of Appointments

At present, appointments must be booked by text, email, Facebook Messenger, or phone only. Online booking has been temporarily suspended.

All sessions will be spaced at least an hour apart to allow for both extra cleaning and air exchange within the treatment space. Appointments may be booked back to back only for members of the same household.

24 Hours Prior to Your Appointment

The state of NH is requiring COVID-19 screening 24 hours in advance of your sessions and again at your scheduled session.  Both sets of answers are required to be present in your client file.  Because I make use of electronic records, the easiest mechanism for this is to email you the set of COVID-19 screening questions to respond to.  The questions will be the same as in the attached waiver.  This email will be sent to you more than 24 hours in advance of your appointment.  Failure to respond to this email in some manner in the 24 hours prior to your appointment will result in cancellation of your appointment.  If you are uncomfortable in emailing a response, as email is not HIPAA compliant, please call and leave a voicemail responding to each question or make use of the messaging feature on MassageBook.

At Your Appointment Time

  1. The state of NH requires all individuals in the facility to be wearing a mask or face covering at all times.  I do not know when I will be able to provide masks, so please be prepared and bring your own face covering.  If you do not have a face covering, you will not be permitted to enter and your session will be immediately cancelled.
  2. I will greet you with hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands at the door.
  3. You will fill out and sign a digital version of the attached waiver you can preview here: COVID-19 Waiver
  4. We will have our usual intake conversation and I will exit the room.

During Your Session

  1. All sessions will begin face up, looking at the ceiling, unless we will not be addressing the front side of your body.
  2. Face massage will not be performed.  Neck work while face up may be limited.
  3. You may remove your face covering while you are face down provided that you keep your face within the face cradle.  The face cradle will have an additional covering to catch any respiratory droplets.  This additional covering cannot be removed.  If you must turn your head and cannot keep your face within the cradle, you will need to wear your face covering.

After Your Session

  1. Once you are dressed and you have put your mask back on, you’ll open the door and I will re-enter the room.  
  2. I will ask that you sanitize your hands once more.
  3. We will complete the checkout and rebooking (if you choose) process.  

If you are interested in reading more about the general guidelines or want to know more of what is happening behind the scenes, here are some relevant links: